On the Die-Cut Series  7.23.14:

 “This month’s featured artist, previous poetry contributor GM Spear, decided to hit up Mad Swirl again from her small town in New York – and boy are we glad she did! Needless to say, this chicks got some mad talent; featuring her was a bit of a no-brainer. Take a look for yourself and try to tell us these realistic pieces with varying degrees of trippy, surreal touches aren’t right up our alley. In a few that you’ll see, Spear plays with white space in a very compelling way, featuring young girls with entire stories of their own, it seems. She captures their energetic, free & truly adorable excitement perfectly – and with a twist; some of em you can’t even SEE. If that sounds weird to you, it’s cus it is! Would we really ever bring you anything that wasn’t? Click here to see the magic GM Spear brought to the visual stage this month, we promise if you take a look, you’ll be hooked!” – Madelyn Olson, MadSwirl.com